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Hemorrhagic fever is suspected in the presence of the following factors: elevated body temperature of unknown origin; stay in the epidemiological zone during the last 3 weeks; the presence of typical symptoms (for example, increased bleeding, hemorrhages in the mucous membranes, skin); a reliable fact of contact with animals-carriers of the disease. Laboratory diagnostics: virological diagnostics (determination of the virus in the blood on the 3rd-5th day of the disease).

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Isolation of the virus from saliva and / or human blood, its introduction into the body of laboratory animals, followed by monitoring the change in their condition and the possible development of Methotrexate infectious process; serological diagnostics (determination of antibodies to the pathogen in the blood).

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Antibodies are specific proteins of the immune system, the main function of which is the recognition of the pathogen (virus or bacteria) and its further elimination. It is also possible to consult a therapist. Treatment of Argentine hemorrhagic fever.

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Destruction of rodents in the foci of the disease. Use of respirators when working in dusty areas (barns for hay, straw). Storage of grain and other products in warehouses protected from rodents. When visiting South American countries, it is necessary to avoid visiting sanitary disadvantaged rural areas, observe the rules of Methotrexate 2.5 mg Tablet hygiene (wash hands with soap, use disposable disinfectant wipes) and food hygiene (do not eat unwashed fruits and vegetables, do not drink unboiled water or water from natural sources, try not to eat food purchased in the markets and street vendors of South American countries).

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Massive severe bleeding into the internal organs. Renal failure. Damage to the brain (in the form of inflammation of the meninges (meningitis), brain matter (encephalitis)). Coma development. High risk of death. Choose a suitable infectious disease doctor Pass tests Get a treatment regimen from the doctor Follow all the recommendations. Do you have Argentine hemorrhagic fever?

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The first cases of American hemorrhagic disease were registered near the Argentine city of Junin in 1953. The virus was isolated from the blood of patients, the blood of living rodents and ticks parasitizing them. In 1959 in the north-eastern regions of Bolivia, cases of the disease have been noted among agricultural workersevaniya, which initially, due to some similarity between the syndromes, was regarded as analogous to severe epidemic typhus. In 1963 in sick people and in rodents, a pathogen was derived, called Machupo. Machupo virus is serologically related to but distinct from the virus found in Junin./p>

Since 1958 the disease caused by the Junin virus takes on an epidemic character, affecting between 100 and 3,500 people every year. The hemorrhagic disease was especially severe in Bolivia. For the period from 1959 to 1963. of the total number of 4000-6000 people living in the endemic zone, 750 fell ill.

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Argentine hemorrhagic fever (AHF) occurs exclusively as a seasonal epidemic (February to August), predominantly among agricultural workers, especially among those working in the fields during the harvest of maize; men get sick more often. The virus is spread in the urine of chronically infected rodents or viraemic animals. A person becomes infected through contact with objects or food contaminated with the urine of infected rodents. The main reservoir of methotrexate pills are rodents of two species - Calomys laucha and Calomys musculinus.

The carriers of the causative agent of Bolivian hemorrhagic fever (BHF) are also mouse-like rodents (Calomys callosus), chronically infected with the Machupo virus. The virus can also be transmitted directly from person to person. Apparently, this spread of infection was observed during the outbreak of fever in Cochabamba. There were no cases of illness among the medical personnel in contact with patients.

Clinical manifestations. Argentine hemorrhagic fever is characterized by damage to the kidneys, cardiovascular system and hematopoietic organs. Asymptomatic infection is rare. After an incubation period lasting 7-16 days, body temperature gradually rises, chills, headache, malaise, myalgia, anorexia, nausea and vomiting occur. The temperature rises to 38.9-40°C, there is a pronounced hyperemia of the face, a painless enanthema appears on the mucous membrane of the larynx.

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